Mapunity Tourism is an out-of-the-box solution for city, state and national tourism promotion initiatives. The solution includes web and mobile apps, kiosk apps for each destination, a digital content delivery system for set-top boxes linked to televisions, a Public Signage and Directions Toolkit, and a User Experience Manager for each location. And all of this can be up and running in less than a week.

Available features

  • Places of interest, shown on a local map
  • Directions to key places, along with travel information
  • A chronology of the past in the region around the city
  • Examples of vernacular architecture from the region
  • Local cuisine and popular dishes
  • Local crafts that are distinctive to the region
  • Local folklore, art, and dances
  • A quick learning platform the local language of the city
  • Museums and galleries where local history can be understood and experienced
  • An events calendar listing the dates on which different notable events are scheduled
  • Books about the city that are sold in stores and online
  • Walking tours in the city
  • Bus tours of the city
  • Day trips from the city to places of historical interest nearby.
  • Pictures, videos and audio clips of historical interest
  • Maps of the city at different times in the past
  • A social toolbox for users to create and maintain their own memories linked to history and heritage.
  • Information about governance of history-related matters in the city.